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Lisez les témoignages de personnes souffrant d’une perte de cheveux qui ont retrouvé leur confiance grâce aux traitements CRLAB. Laissez-vous inspirer par ces histoires de personnes dont la vie a changé pour le mieux grâce aux solutions CRLAB…


50 Years Old

3d hair prosthetic system

For twenty years now I have worn the CRL and I would never change my choice”: this is the convincing and direct affirmation from Rosario, who has worn the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories hair replacement system since 1993. After he began losing his hair in 1983, a traumatic event for him, “a true ordeal”, he decided to not sit idly by and that he would find a solution.

“One of the great advantages of this system (or rather two) ?:” I have always been able to practice my favorite sports, swimming and tennis, without any problem or inconvenience with headphones or headbands, without having to have special attention or concern! “

If a tooth fell out from the front of the mouth, should I keep it like that? There must be a solution to have my hair back!” 10 years went by, marked by dermatological and trichological visits, promises and delusions, products that didn’t provide any results. Until one day a Swiss dermatologist made him face the fact that his hair would never grow back, and he advised him to turn to CRLAB. “Thus I went to their center in Busto Arsizio, near my home, where they reassured me by telling me that a solution would be found, they just needed to study the one that was most suitable for me”. Obviously a lot of things have changed since 1993, for him given that he no longer has a cowlick, but also for the CRL system, which has become increasingly lighter, more comfortable and more discreet. What is the greatest advantage of this system (or rather the two greatest advantages)? “I was always able to practice my favourite sports, swimming and tennis, without any problem or difficulty when wearing shower caps or bands, without having to pay particular attention or regard. Moreover, those who jokingly or affectionately ran their fingers through my hair never noticed anything, or were genuinely shocked when I revealed my secret”


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Nos solutions autour de la perte de cheveux

La Trichologie

Les bienfaits de nos traitements trichologiques sont cliniquement prouvés. Ces soins capillaires nourrissant et rééquilibrant permettent de retrouver un cuir chevelu sain et des cheveux plus forts et beaux.

La Prothèse Capillaire

Notre dispositif médical, certifié, breveté, et réalisé sur mesure en Italie, est une solution qui intègre de vrais cheveux dans les zones où vous souffrez d’amincissement ou de pertede cheveux.

La Greffe de Cheveux

Nous travaillons avec les meilleurs professionnels pour trouver les implants capillaires qu’il vous faut.