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Histórias verídicas de quem vivenciou a experiência conosco.
São homens e mulheres que redescobriram a própria imagem e recuperaram a autoestima graças às soluções CRLAB.


30 Years Old

3d hair prosthetic system

Well, before the CRL, it was very difficult to address the hair situation. I had powders. I had hair sprays. I had all kinds of spray paints. Everything you could think of to try to disguise the hair loss. It was rough, it was hard and it looked terrible. I am able, number one, to get up in the morning and cut 40 minutes almost out of my routine.

“I feel full and complete. I feel good and it’s so cool because no one would ever know it’s not your hair. They look 100% natural. People say to me now “I love your hair”. I smile and that’s it.”

Because you would have to do so many things to look right. Now, you just wake up and it is already there. It’s a life changer! You can eat soup without having powder fall all in the soup when you eat. You can just do things again. Go out and feel rejuvenated and be like a regular person again without these stigmas on you. I mean, when you’re 23 or younger even and you’re losing your hair, people don’t look at you the same way.
They think you’re maybe 30 and they don’t ID you. I get ID now. They cardedme and it was very nice. Before, they just didn’t do that. I really think that the hair put back maybe 10 years to my look. I feel full. I feel complete. I just feel good and it’s so great because nobody ever would know that it’s not your hair. It looks 100 percent natural. People now tell me “I love your hair”. I just smile and that’s all. I would never know they didn’t take hair that I had 10 years ago and just use that. It’s scary how accurate it is and it feels like nothing. The first day, maybe I felt that it was there.

After a week, I didn’t know that I had the CRL on. I forget that it is not my hair until they take it off to put it back on. It’s amazing! One thing that really scare me about hair replacement like this is that I move around a lot. I go to a lot of different places. Sometimes I am away for 2 to 3 weeks and it doesn’t matter. This lasts so you can run around. Even go all over the globe if you want to. As long as you come back every 4 to 5 weeks, you are GOLD.
It’s unbelievable! It just changed my life.

NOSSAS SOLUÇÕES CRLAB, especialistas no bem-estar dos cabelos e do couro cabeludo

Tricologia e couro cabeludo

Cabelos saudáveis nascem em um couro cabeludo saudável. Linha de tratamento que combina tecnologia de ponta a uma gama completa de produtos específicos, testados em laboratórios e feitos com matérias-primas de alta qualidade em suas fórmulas.

Sistema CRL

O método mais eficaz no combate à calvície. Recupera os cabelos de modo espesso e natural, o que permite ao paciente recuperar a sua aparência original. Uma solução patenteada que integra cabelos virgens naturais nas regiões atingidas por falhas de fios e pela calvície: um sistema completamente personalizado que garante funcionalidade e
uma aparência natural.

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