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Research and development

Our CRLAB hair ‘dream team’ of formulators, biologists, biotechnologists and chemists, working with experienced trichologists, alongside nationally and internationally renowned surgeons and dermatologists, has only one mission.

Our mission is to help you fall in love with your hair again. Giving you the confidence to show it off, never feeling out of place because of it.

The CRL customizable hair prosthetic system is the result of continuous innovative research. It’s produced in Italy using a certified patented production process. The dermo-compatible polymer base is produced in-house. And untreated virgin hair is manually grafted onto it, one by one.

CRLAB's research focuses primarily on scalp care because we firmly believe that it’s only from a healthy scalp that healthy hair can grow.

Our research focuses particularly on naturally occurring active ingredients. They are
incredibly effective as well as being safe for you to use. CRLAB creates a bridge between
what Nature offers and what Science can do, to make the most of this powerful