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Dry Hair

Dry hair appears weak, is sensitive to the external environment and makes styling difficult.

The reason is a lack of brightness and hydration, often due to using chemical treatments, pollution in the air or factors such as stress or an unhealthy diet.

Discover the best products for you, to give your hair the nourishment it deserves.

  1. Anti-dandruff rehydrating shampoo
    Rehydrates the scalp
  2. Anti-dandruff rehydrating lotion
    Hydrates and regenerates the scalp
  3. Anti-dandruff strong action kit – complete kit Anti-dandruff strong action kit – complete kit
    Out of Stock
    Anti-dandruff strong action kit – complete kit
    Persistent dry dandruff and scalp flaking
  4. Anti-dandruff Maintenance kit
    For dehydrated and hypersensitive skin
  5. Anti-dandruff rehydrating Vial
    STOP dandruff and dehydration
  6. Conditioning shampoo
    Cleansing and nourishing
  7. Refreshing shampoo
    A pleasant burst of freshness
  8. Hygienizing Shampoo
    Sanitizing and antibacterial action
  9. Leniskin
    Soothing and renewing action
  10. Anti-dandruff rehydrating Preshampoo
    Moisturizing scrub effect
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