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A new line of products specially formulated for dry and tangled hair.

The products were developed to penetrate the hair fiber to soften and detangle the hair.

The product line offers a hydra-shampoo, leave-in conditioner, detangling oil, deep conditioner, and rebalancing spray. Textured hair is typically porous and dry: it needs hydration and specific products that help increase moisture retention. CRLAB's TEXTURED line ensures hydration, nourishment, and protection.

  1. Rebalancing Spray Rebalancing Spray
    Rebalancing Spray
    It defines curls
  2. Leave in conditioner Leave in conditioner
    Leave in conditioner
    Softens and detangles the hair
  3. Deep & Co. 3 in 1 Deep & Co. 3 in 1
    Deep & Co. 3 in 1
    Deep detangling and nourishing action
  4. Hydra Shampoo Hydra Shampoo
    Hydra Shampoo
    Deep cleansing and moisturizing action
  5. Detangling oil Detangling oil
    Detangling oil
    High detangling power
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