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Sebum Regulating Line

Is there anything more annoying than having greasy hair straight after washing it? If you’ve ever experienced this, we’ll bet the answer is NO.

You can try to disguise oily hair and an oily scalp with continual showers and washes, but all you’re really doing is hiding the symptom rather than getting rid of the problem.

First of all, let's dispel a myth that there’s no such thing as naturally oily hair. In fact, that ‘greasy look’ is caused by an excess of sebum produced by glands on the scalp known as the sebaceous glands. Sebum is particularly important for the nourishment and hydration of the hair, but sometimes hormones, stress or the wrong kind of diet can throw sebum production out of whack, and too much of it is produced. This can affect the quality of our hair, so it appears heavy, dull, thin and brittle.

CRLAB's Sebum Regulating Yellow Line has been designed and tested to regulate sebum production and eliminate oily dandruff. The essential oils contained in it have extraordinary astringent qualities and are combined with highly nutritious plant extracts.

It contains ingredients such as Jojoba extract (the makeup of which is very similar to our natural sebum), Avocado extract, which regulates sebaceous production, Laminaria and Larch Mushroom extracts, which have an extraordinary astringent capacity that prevents hair from becoming heavy due to excess sebum, Azelaic Acid, which combines powerful antimicrobial activity with an astringent effect that reduces sebaceous production. Edelweiss stem cells, which have the powerful ability to rebalance sebaceous secretion. Active ingredients that reduce the proliferation of the Malassezia yeast – one of the leading causes of dandruff.

If you suffer from hair loss as well as a particularly oily scalp, it’s important to first heal the scalp, freeing it from sebum plugs before starting our specific anti-hair loss treatment – the CRLAB Hair Loss Prevention Green Line.