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CRLAB has researched and created 5 new supplements with innovative and revolutionary formulations that work pointedly on a specific issue closely related to the problem of hair loss.

The line of supplements represents an absolute novelty on the market: thanks to the contribution of specific trace elements. The individual products flank the CRLAB Lines, synergizing to balance the skin-hair system through complementary absorption. Thanks to the range of supplements, the CRLAB approach to hair loss is complete because it acts on all areas: EXTERNAL - product lines, FUNCTIONAL - instrumentation, INTERNAL - supplements.

  1. Detox
    It promotes eliminating excess fluids
  2. Night
    Regulates the sleep-wake cycle
  3. Woman hair
    Woman hair
    It helps in combating female hair loss
  4. Man hair Man hair
    Man hair
    Combats male hair loss
  5. Vit
    A complete multivitamin complex
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