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Hair Loss Prevention Line

Stop hair loss and even reverse it!

Check out the fantastic results from clinical studies carried out on both men and women who have used the CRLAB Hair Loss Prevention Green Line.

The treatment works by combating hair loss and restoring volume, strength and vitality to hair that’s miniaturized, thin and prone to falling out. It’s important to do this because fuller-looking hair is achieved by both the number of hairs you have and the thickness of each. The study conducted by showed that after 3 months of treatment hair thickness increased by 17 to 23% in volume, with 100% satisfaction from respondents. The CRLAB Hair Loss Prevention Green Line also helps make hair more full-bodied, shinier, softer to the touch and more beautiful to look at.
To achieve this, our products contain many active ingredients, all naturally derived, such as Serenoa Repens and Apple plant stem cells. Serenoa Repens act at the level of the hair bulb, blocking the action of DHT – a hormone with a rather complicated name (dihydrotestosterone) – which stops the bulb accepting and absorbing the nutrients it needs to grow strong, healthy hair.

Thanks to the ingredients contained in the CRLAB Hair Loss Prevention Green Line formula, your hair bulbs will be nourished once more and can start to regrow healthy, strong,
and thick hair that you can be proud of.

  1. Hair loss prevention shampoo
    Purifies, balances and nourishes
  2. Hair loss prevention vial
    STOP hair loss
  3. Havogen 5 Havogen 5
    Havogen 5
    Hair loss prevention patch with Serenoa Repens
    Special Price €69.78 Regular Price €77.00
  4. Complete hair loss prevention line maintenance
    Strengthens miniaturized hair
  5. Hair loss prevention lotion
    Antioxidant. Nourishes the hair follicle
  6. Complete hair loss prevention line Complete hair loss prevention line
    Out of Stock
    Complete hair loss prevention line
    Shock treatment against hair loss
  7. Hair loss prevention preshampoo
    Balances the scalp
  8. Tricoglam Home Use Tricoglam Home Use
    Tricoglam Home Use
    LED technology to combat hair loss
    Special Price €1,105.00 Regular Price €1,300.00
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