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Restructuring and Finish Line

Created for styling. Protects and nourishes the hair

Restructuring and styling products found in drug stores often contain harsh ingredients that can weaken the health of your hair and scalp.

That’s why CRLab has created the Restructuring and Finish Line, with products such as waxes, oils and mousses specially formulated so you can style your hair any way you want, knowing your locks will still be protected and moisturized, and nourished with keratin. Simply put, these products are trichological preparations designed for frequent use, with the added benefit of styling and protecting the hair all in one go.

The line uses naturally occurring ingredients: hydrolyzed rice and wheat proteins are extremely powerful restructuring agents for the hair fiber and Argan oil is known for its nourishing and protective properties. But the real powerhouse is Moringa extract, with its great moisturizing and protective properties: a few drops of Moringa are enough to protect the hair from harmful environmental factors such as the sun, wind, sea and chlorinated water, but also from cosmetic damage from the use of hair dryers and straighteners, or hair bleaches and perms.

Waxes, oils and mousses – no longer your hair’s enemy but now its most powerful allies. And all without having to give up on your favorite hairstyle, any day of the week!

  1. Restructuring vial
    Gives nourishment and strength to the hair
  2. Milk spray
    Protection and nourishment
  3. Nutritive Serum
    Restructuring against split ends
  4. Biphasic fluid
    Protects and repairs the hair
  5. Oil non oil
  6. Nourishing & conditioning cream
    Gives strength, volume and radiance
  7. Dry wax
  8. Linfoil Linfoil
    Out of Stock
    Volume and definition
  9. Hair spray
    Extra strength
  10. Hair Mousse
    Shine and volume
  11. Hair Gloss
    Brightness and softness
  12. Gel wax
    Wet effect
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