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Damaged Hair

Maintaining thick, healthy hair can sometimes be tricky.

Chemical treatments, excessive use of styling tools such as straighteners and hairdryers, or stress can strip the hair, causing split ends, dullness, or dryness.

CRLAB products are designed to nourish and repair hair from the roots right down to the ends, moisturizing hair without weighing it down.

  1. Restructuring vial
    Gives nourishment and strength to the hair
  2. Linfoil
    Volume and definition
  3. Hair loss prevention shampoo
    Purifies, balances and nourishes
  4. Havogen 5 Havogen 5
    Havogen 5
    Hair loss prevention patch with Serenoa Repens
    Special Price €69.78 Regular Price €77.00
  5. Conditioning shampoo
    Cleansing and nourishing
  6. Nourishing & conditioning cream
    Gives strength, volume and radiance
  7. Leniskin
    Soothing and renewing action
  8. Hygienizing Shampoo
    Sanitizing and antibacterial action
  9. Refreshing shampoo
    A pleasant burst of freshness
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