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Anti-Dandruff Rehydrating Line

If you want to say goodbye once and for all, to that not-so-attractive ‘snow on your shoulders’ look, CRLAB's Purple Anti-Dandruff Rehydrating Line is the treatment for you.

Dry dandruff is caused by flaky, dry and inflamed skin. And often causes unpleasant itching followed by that insatiable need to scratch your head.

Have you ever noticed this?

These symptoms can be a sign of inflammation of the epidermis (the outer layer of the scalp) due to poor hydration.
The Purple CRLAB Line has been designed with a dual function: Combats persistent dry dandruff and a flaky scalp, Has great soothing abilities and eases areas of redness and itching.

It contains ingredients such as Jojoba, Juniper, and Sweet Orange essential oils, Climbazole and Salicylic acid which increase scalp hydration and have strong soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Alpha-hydroxy acids which enable deep regeneration of the scalp. Hydrolyzed Collagen which reconstitutes damaged connective tissue and helps rehydrate the scalp. Active ingredients that reduce the build-up of the yeast Malassezia, one of the most common causes of dandruff. A powerful probiotic principle that rebalances the scalp, encouraging the growth of microorganisms useful for the skin's metabolism. Rhododendron stem cells, known for their strong regenerative properties.

If you have a problem with hair loss as well as dry dandruff, itching and irritation, it’s important to first heal the scalp. Soothing the inflammation of the skin and preparing it to receive the restorative effects of CRLAB’s Green Hair Loss Prevention Line treatment.

  1. Anti-dandruff rehydrating shampoo Anti-dandruff rehydrating shampoo
    Anti-dandruff rehydrating shampoo
    Rehydrates the scalp
  2. Anti-dandruff rehydrating Vial Anti-dandruff rehydrating Vial
    Anti-dandruff rehydrating Vial
    STOP dandruff and dehydration
    Special Price €79.90 Regular Price €88.00
  3. Anti-dandruff rehydrating lotion Anti-dandruff rehydrating lotion
    Anti-dandruff rehydrating lotion
    Hydrates and regenerates the scalp
  4. Anti-dandruff rehydrating Preshampoo Anti-dandruff rehydrating Preshampoo
    Anti-dandruff rehydrating Preshampoo
    Moisturizing scrub effect
    Special Price €29.00 Regular Price €35.00
  5. Anti-dandruff strong action kit Anti-dandruff strong action kit
    Anti-dandruff strong action kit
    Persistent dry dandruff and scalp flaking
    Special Price €119.68 Regular Price €144.00
  6. Anti-dandruff Maintenance kit
    Anti-dandruff Maintenance kit
    For dehydrated and hypersensitive skin
    Special Price €73.92 Regular Price €90.00
  7. Leniskin Leniskin
    Soothing and renewing action
    Special Price €19.50 Regular Price €30.00
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