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Don't put a face on the tumor.



Don’t let cancer change the way you see yourself. Or the way others see you.

Onco hair
47% of women with cancer think LOSING YOUR HAIR is the most traumatic thing about chemotherapy. And 8% say they would refuse chemotherapy because they fear losing their hair.
But you can continue to see yourself just as you are, throughout the whole course of your therapy. Thanks to CRLAB’s hair prosthetic system.





A study, conducted by the National Cancer Institute in Milan, and promoted by Salute Donna Onlus, has shown a positive increase in psychological well-being in patients with relapsed breast cancer, after using the CRL Prosthetic System. CRLAB’s prosthetic system was described as ‘revolutionary’ compared to traditional wigs.

Its use in patients with chemotherapy-induced alopecia (AIC) led to an improvement in their perceived body image by more than 10 points on the Body Image Scale (BIS). The BIS scale ranges from 0 to 30. The lower the score, the better the body image is perceived.



“You don’t see yourself as sick. The important thing about this device is that it makes you feel less sick.”

“When you wear this device from morning to night, from evening to morning you feel your hair becoming yours again. The moment you look in the bathroom mirror, you don’t have the reminder of ‘I’m sick’. You see yourself as a person like everyone else.”



You won’t be embarrassed to look in the mirror when you’re using this system. It will help you keep a positive body image. Day after day, you’ll find the CRLAB hair prosthetic system becomes ‘part of yourself’. Safeguarding your femininity. And helping you to avoid the social stigma that often comes with cancer.

“The CRLAB system has allowed me to feel normal. And normality is so valuable when facing this journey.”

You and those around you, stop seeing yourself as ‘sick’ with the CRLAB hair prosthetic system. Such an important thing when trying to manage your daily life. Not to mention how it improves your quality of life.

You’ll soon see that the ‘traditional’ wig is an outdated remnant of the past. Whereas when you experience the CRLAB hair prosthetic system, you’ll know it’s simply revolutionary.

The device allows patients and people around them not to perceive themselves as sick. This aspect is of fundamental importance both for the management of daily life and for the improvement of life quality.


The CRLAB hair prosthetic system proved to be revolutionary compared to traditional wigs.



You can successfully use CRLAB’s hair prosthetic system if you’re suffering from hair loss due to any number of causes. Cicatricial alopecia, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, trauma, areata alopecia or androgenetic alopecia.

Each prosthetic is custom-made to your specifications. We use a patented, handcrafted process, manufactured in Italy. The process is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

To create your system, we manually graft real, individual virgin hairs onto a patented, biomedical-grade, polymer resin membrane. When it’s complete, you can then have your new coiffure styled, to include highlights, tints, color and bleach.

Your prosthetic system is fitted to you using special, medical-grade adhesives that will perfectly adhere to your scalp. Meaning you can do everyday things in total comfort.
To keep the prosthetic at its best, you’ll need to have regular monthly maintenance checks at your nearest CRLAB center, to keep your scalp and the prosthetic clean.



25 hair prosthetic systems will be donated to 25 women who are undergoing chemotherapy to fight breast cancer.

Onco Hair is an initiative inspired from a collaboration between Associazione per il Policlinico Onlus, Fondazione Cariplo and CRLAB. A solidarity project to support women in financial need, in the battle against breast cancer.

25 women selected by a team of oncologists and psychologists at the Policlinico di Milano will each be given a CRLAB hair prosthetic system. A system that’s so much more than a traditional wig.

A highly personalized hair prosthetic. A world first. Made exclusively at the CRLAB laboratories. And exported all over the world.

Project presentation: RomE 6 July 2021



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