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Sensitive Scalp

The scalp can become sensitive, just like the skin on your face or body!

Redness, skin soreness or itching may be signs of sensitive skin.

What are the causes? Excessive smog, anxiety and stress or harsh chemical treatments. You need to take care of your scalp every day to treat it effectively. CRLAB products are specially designed to target and treat a sensitive scalp.

  1. Purifying mud mask shampoo Purifying mud mask shampoo
    Purifying mud mask shampoo
    Detoxifying and purifying
  2. Restructuring thermal mud mask Restructuring thermal mud mask
    Restructuring thermal mud mask
    Removes sebum and impurities
    Special Price €18.50 Regular Price €23.00
  3. Leniskin Leniskin
    Soothing and renewing action
    Special Price €19.50 Regular Price €30.00
  4. Hygienizing Shampoo Hygienizing Shampoo
    Hygienizing Shampoo
    Sanitizing and antibacterial action
    Special Price €16.00 Regular Price €23.00
  5. Refreshing shampoo Refreshing shampoo
    Refreshing shampoo
    A pleasant burst of freshness
  6. Conditioning shampoo Conditioning shampoo
    Conditioning shampoo
    Cleansing and nourishing
  7. Mild Shampoo Mild Shampoo
    Mild Shampoo
    Deep cleansing and hydration
    Special Price €14.50 Regular Price €17.00
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