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Fine Hair

Having fine, thin hair can be the cause of many ‘bad hair days’ for men and women alike.

Styling this type of hair is never easy – it lacks volume and often brightness.

Fine hair needs specially formulated products, so it’s not weighed down and its flat appearance isn’t emphasized. CRLAB products are specifically formulated to act actively but delicately on the cortex of fine hair.

  1. Restructuring vial
    Gives nourishment and strength to the hair
  2. Hair loss prevention vial
    STOP hair loss
  3. Hair loss prevention lotion
    Antioxidant. Nourishes the hair follicle
  4. Complete hair loss prevention line maintenance
    Strengthens miniaturized hair
  5. Nourishing & conditioning cream
    Gives strength, volume and radiance
  6. Biphasic fluid
    Protects and repairs the hair
  7. Nutritive Serum
    Restructuring against split ends
  8. Mild Shampoo
    Deep cleansing and hydration
  9. Hair loss prevention shampoo
    Purifies, balances and nourishes
  10. Hair loss prevention preshampoo
    Balances the scalp
  11. Leniskin
    Soothing and renewing action
  12. Hair Gloss
    Brightness and softness
  13. Complete hair loss prevention line Complete hair loss prevention line
    Out of Stock
    Complete hair loss prevention line
    Shock treatment against hair loss
  14. Havogen 5 Havogen 5
    Havogen 5
    Hair loss prevention patch with Serenoa Repens
    Special Price €69.78 Regular Price €77.00
  15. Tricoglam Home Use Tricoglam Home Use
    Tricoglam Home Use
    LED technology to combat hair loss
    Special Price €1,105.00 Regular Price €1,300.00
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