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Long or Medium Hair

Keeping your hair long, beautiful and shiny has never been so easy with CRLAB!

Long or medium hair is delicate because it’s more fragile, and chemical treatments or excessive use of straighteners and hairdryers can weaken it even more, making it dull and causing unsightly split ends.

 CRLAB products are specifically designed to keep long and medium hair healthy, from the roots right down to the ends.

  1. Linfoil Linfoil
    Volume and definition
  2. Biphasic fluid Biphasic fluid
    Biphasic fluid
    Protects and repairs the hair
  3. Oil non oil Oil non oil
    Oil non oil
  4. Hair Gloss Hair Gloss
    Hair Gloss
    Brightness and softness
  5. Restructuring vial Restructuring vial
    Restructuring vial
    Gives nourishment and strength to the hair
  6. Nutritive Serum Nutritive Serum
    Nutritive Serum
    Restructuring against split ends
  7. Milk spray Milk spray
    Milk spray
    Protection and nourishment
  8. Nourishing & conditioning cream Nourishing & conditioning cream
    Nourishing & conditioning cream
    Gives strength, volume and radiance
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