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Our trichological hair care products

Our trichological hair care products

Your solution for every hair concern

hair loss, dandruff,
oily scalp, irritated scalp,
itchy scalp

The CRLAB Trichology Division has developed trichological treatments to help you combat hair loss. Used by both women and men, these treatments keep your hair healthy, as well as keeping your hair loss in check.

Along with university clinics and dermatology institutes we have developed a complete range of products for you using a ‘dermo-phytocosmetic’ approach. This means we use the best combination of what both science and nature has to offer. Essential oils, plant stem cell extracts, precious stones and active pharmaceutically derived ingredients.You can rest assured that all our products are free from parabens and SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfates, a synthetic foaming agent).
They are cruelty-free. And dermatologically tested to keep your scalp and hair in delicate balance.

We’ve designed the CRLAB® trichological product range so you can improve any problems with your scalp and hair system.

Research and innovation is central to the products we produce for you, focusing on the quality of specially selected raw, active ingredients.

Our research focuses in particular on naturally occurring active ingredients, which are incredibly effective as well as being totally safe for you. CRLAB creates a bridge between what nature offers and what science can do to make the most of this combined potential. CRLAB’s research focuses primarily on scalp care because it’s only from a healthy scalp that you can grow healthy hair. Our Research and Development team has developed a series of products aimed at caring for your hair shaft. Making sure your hair is nourished. Hydrated. And free to shine.

CRLAB has developed a 3-step philosophy within each of its ranges to effectively solve the most common scalp problems you might be suffering from.


Each product has a role to play


Detox: Exfoliates. Regenerates. And prepares your skin


Cleansing: Deep cleansing. Without damage

Lotion / vial

Nourishing: Combining active ingredients that work on your scalp

Hair Loss Prevention Line

Get up to 17-23% thicker hair you can be proud of after only 3 months of treatment (as shown by clinical trials).

Anti-Dandruff Rehydrating Line

The best possible way to get rid of dry dandruff. Say goodbye to redness, itching and irritated skin.

Sebum Regulating Line

Purify your scalp. Free it from excess sebum, putting an end to unpleasant, greasy-looking hair.

Clinical tests have shown a reduction or complete elimination of itchy symptoms and unpleasant odor related to seborrheic dermatitis, after 6 weeks of treatment.

Daily Care Line

The CRLAB Daily Care line is formulated with a combination of powerful ingredients, yet it’s still gentle on the skin. So gentle, you can use it every day.

Extra Care Line

Exceptional products, giving you extra special care.
The Extra Care line can be used individually or to work in perfect harmony with the Green, Yellow and Purple trichological lines for those whose hair needs some extra special care.

Restructuring and Finish Line

Nourishment, strength and protection for your hair.
Also formulated by our specialist trichologists, these styling products are designed for frequent use. Style your hair any way you want, knowing your locks will still be protected and moisturized.

Read about the remarkable results from clinical tests. On both male and female patients suffering with androgenetic alopecia, using CRLAB’s Hair Loss Prevention line!

Following a complete checkup to assess the initial state of hair thinning, patients underwent a complete trichological treatment lasting three months.
The course involved the use of a preshampoo, shampoo and an anti-hair loss vial for the first month, replaced by two anti-hair loss lotions for the remaining two months. For all three months, patients daily applied our innovative anti-hair loss patch containing Serenoa Repens, Avocado extract and natural antioxidants. Patients underwent regular checkups to assess how they were responding to the trichological treatment. After three months, interviews with patients revealed that 100 % of them were satisfied with the treatment!
The study showed an increase of up to 23% in the thickness of the hair which also looked instantly brighter, was more manageable and stronger. As well as feeling softer and more full-bodied.

The effectiveness of the CRLAB Sebum Regulating line was clearly demonstrated by a scientific study conducted on 20 patients suffering from seborrheic dermatitis.

After six weeks of treatment, a reduction in redness, flaking and vascular dilation was seen with a marked clinical improvement in all participants. Patients also reported that symptoms related to the condition, such as itching and unpleasant odor, were also reduced or eliminated.


Let our experts find the best solution for you.


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Let our experts find the best solution for you.

Hair loss solutions for you. CRLAB, specialists in the well-being of your hair and scalp.

1.Trichology scalp and hair care

To put the health back into your hair, you first need to nourish your scalp. Our trichology treatments care for your scalp and hair, using cutting-edge technologies with a full range of laboratory-tested products. All made with high quality raw materials.

2. CRLAB hair prosthetic system

The ultimate answer to your hair loss. Rediscover yourself, with naturally thick hair. A patented solution that integrates real hair into areas where you’re experiencing thinning or hair loss. A fully customized hair enhancement that will look totally natural on you. Plus, it’s so functional, it gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want to.

3. Hair transplant surgery

We work with the top hair transplant professionals, to find the best transplant method for you.