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Hair prosthetics and wigs: what are the differences?

When faced with hair loss, various systems can be used to restore the hair’s natural appearance and to feel comfortable with yourself and others again. Hair prosthetics and wigs are the main tools you can rely upon to remedy thinning hair, but perhaps not everyone is familiar with the differences between these two solutions: let’s find out together!

What is a wig?

Wigs are generic solutions and rarely tailored to the needs of the individual. To the eye, it looks like a headdress consisting of a base – often made of mesh – onto which hair, either natural or in synthetic fibre, is knotted. It covers the whole head, hiding any pre-existing hair, and is removed daily

What is prosthetic hair?

CRLAB hair prosthetics are an innovative, effective and non-invasive solution designed for those who wish to thicken their hair, concealing thinning or baldness, without resorting to surgery.

They consist of a biocompatible polymer base onto which natural, virgin hair is grafted by hand, one at a time, to give a natural effect. There are different anchoring systems to fit the prosthetic to your head, such as liquid or solid medical grade adhesives.

The advantages of prosthetic hair:

• The materials used are durable, hypoallergenic and breathable to ensure maximum comfort for the scalp.

• It is custom-made, strictly observing the size parameters of the area affected and supplementing existing hair with a fully customised implant, which is called an “integrated hair system”.

• It adapts to any type of requirement, thanks to the possibility to be modelled on the basis of just the area to be integrated.

• The hair used is identical to the original hair in terms of colour, waviness and calibre, thus ensuring a perfect fit and an invisible, lasting result.

 It allows maximum freedom: it is unaffected by water and guarantees maximum comfort in the shower, at the beach and while playing sport.

• It can be worn continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, improving the perception of your image at all times of the day.

IMPORTANT: to extend the life of the prosthesis and keep it looking at its best, it is advisable to contact a specialised centre to carry out proper maintenance about once a month, following careful steps:
– removing the prosthetic hair by deactivating the anchoring systems with appropriate products;
– cleansing the scalp, taking care to remove any residue;
– preparing the scalp;
– applying the adhesive to the prosthetic hair and/or scalp;
– applying the prosthetic hair, making it adhere well to the surface of the head

The ideal choice for peace of mind, every day?

The CRLAB Thickening System

CRLAB, a leading company in the hair thickening sector, has designed and patented a customised solution to meet the needs of men and women with varying degrees of baldness or thinning, and who want to regain their smile and self-confidence.

The CRLAB prosthetic system combines the most advanced technologies and materials with Made in Italy craftsmanship: the prosthesis is made with biomedical grade materials from a 3D cast of the customer’s head, manually grafting virgin natural hair onto a polymer base. You can find more detailshere