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Greasy hair: the solution with CRLAB sebum-regulating shampoo

How to solve the problem of oily hair with CRLAB sebum-regulating shampoo

Oily hair looks greasy and dirty, and often smells unpleasant. Besides ruining the hair’s appearance, this condition can cause embarrassment and discomfort. It tends to be worse when individuals with greasy hair also have some very oily areas of skin, specifically around the chin, nose and forehead (“seborrheic” skin).

Is there a remedy for greasy hair? This guide briefly explains the causes and proposes a treatment based around shampoo for oily hair designed by CRLAB professionals, innovators in the field of hair thickening and hair health who are active in over 30 specialized centers in Italy.

The causes of greasy hair

The causes of greasy hair
Greasy hair occurs due to excessive production of sebum, a substance composed of fatty acids, glycerides and wax esters. In normal quantities, sebum protects the skin from natural agents by creating a hydro-lipid layer, promotes skin hydration and lubricates the hair shaft, making it more resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

However, when excessive sebum is produced it seeps into the skin, mixing with cell debris, epidermal-derived fats and sweat. As a result, the oily sebum retains flakes of skin and dirt and tends to distribute itself more quickly throughout the hair, settling on the shafts.

This problem mainly occurs due to:

genetic and hormonal causes;
secondary causes such as stress, smoking, air pollution, digestive disorders, poor eating habits and misusing shampoo for oily hair that’s too aggressive or poor quality.

The simplest and most effective treatment to counteract greasy hair is based on washing with shampoo for oily hair.

Oily hair: which shampoo to use

First of all, let’s dispel a myth: sebum secretion does not increase with frequent hair washing. Washing frequency should be dictated by how serious the problem is: if it’s particularly pronounced, you may need to wash daily with shampoo for delicate oily hair, to avoid removing too much sebum from the hair’s surface and depriving it of its natural protection.

You need to use a sebum-regulating shampoo such as the one designed by CRLAB, which protects the hair from the formation of free radicals thanks to moringa and laminaria extracts. Its avocado extract is rich in vitamins A and D, has excellent foaming and cleansing properties, and inhibits sebum formation.

CRLAB shampoo for oily hair is also composed of the following active ingredients:

– ylang ylang essential oil, which helps reduce acne, dermatitis and skin irritation by regulating sebum production;
– sage essential oil, with antimicrobial properties;
– edelweiss plant stem cell extracts, which stimulate collagen formation and nourish the skin with a soothing effect;
– sapphire powder, with strong exfoliating properties to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin by balancing the pH levels.

How to wash with shampoo for oily hair

To achieve a better result on the scalp, follow some simple steps when washing with shampoo for oily hair. A short, light massage on the scalp before using the shampoo helps activate blood circulation (and is even more effective if done with a specific pre-shampoo treatment).

The next step is to wet the scalp with lukewarm water and apply the sebum-regulating shampoo, starting at the nape of the neck and distributing it over the length of the hair with small and delicate circular movements. Then simply leave on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water to stimulate blood circulation.

After washing, gently pat the hair dry with a towel. Use a hairdryer at a temperature that’s not too high and at a suitable distance (at least 20 cm), without directing air at a specific area of the scalp for an extended amount of time.

Why use CRLAB products for oily hair?

As we’ve seen, a few tricks are enough to tackle greasy hair. However, if this isn’t enough to restore the scalp’s acid-hydro-lipid balance, it’s best to follow up with a more thorough treatment. Greasy hair isn’t only an aesthetic problem but also a symptom of a skin condition that can damage the hair’s structure, causing it to fall out.

For more effective and long-lasting results, we recommend CRLAB’s complete sebum-regulating program. Designed to re-establish healthy sebum production and eliminate oily dandruff, the CRLAB Sebum-Regulating Yellow line features products containing essential oils with astringent properties and highly nourishing plant extracts.

The sebum-regulating kits include lotions, pre-shampoo and shampoo for oily hair. Their synergistic action ensures a regenerated and toned scalp together with stronger, healthier hair. A proven and effective solution to get back to feeling comfortable and at ease with yourself every day.