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How much hair falls out in day: everything you need to know

How much hair do you lose in a day?

Before we answer this question, let’s clarify a couple of things: hair loss, within certain limits, is a physiological process. In fact, hair loss corresponds to the last phase of the hair growth cycle, which on average lasts 2 to 6 years.

But first things first. The hair growth cycle is divided into 3 main phases:

– anagen phase, where the hair bulb forms at the base of the follicle and in turn produces the hair shaft (lasts an average of 2 to 7 years);

– catagen phase, where the hair stops growing (lasts about 3 weeks);

– telogen phase, where the hair that’s no longer growing remains attached to the follicle for about 3 months, until it detaches to trigger a new anagen phase.

Based on the number of active hair follicles and the growth cycle, on average you lose 40 to 120 hairs per day. The number of hairs you lose also depends on factors such as their structure, the quantity of bulbs present in the scalp, health, diet, change of season and type of hair care products used.

How to count how much hair do you lose in a day?

Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine have devised a DIY method to keep track of how many hairs fall out each day. This method is divided into 4 simple steps:

1. after shampooing three mornings in a row, on the 4th day comb your hair from nape to forehead before shampooing again. Comb for 60 seconds over a pillow

2. or sheet in a contrasting color to your hair, so it’s easier to count;
on the following two days, repeat the procedure in the same way and using the same comb;

3. every day, count and record the number of hairs left on the comb and on the pillow/sheet, then calculate the average of the three figures;

4. repeat the procedure every month to count the total number of hairs falling out.

This technique lets you keep track of how many hairs fall out each day and whether there are significant differences in quantity over several months.

When should you worry about hair loss?

Clumps of hair on the shower floor or in the sink can cause concern —that’s understandable. But before you get alarmed, it’s best to understand how many hairs fall out each day. As we explained at the start, any amount below 100 to 120 hairs per day is normal. When this threshold is exceeded and hair loss lasts more than 4 weeks, you need to consult a trichologist to establish the cause.

The loss may be exacerbated by certain factors such as the change of season (especially between summer and fall), hormonal imbalances (menopause or childbirth), times of intense stress or an unbalanced diet. These accelerate the anagen and catagen phases, thereby increasing the percentage of hair present during the resting phase (telogen). In these cases, hair loss is temporary and can be tackled with specific treatments and products that strengthen the hair and keep it thick.

The CRLAB solution to stop hair loss​

Knowing how much hair falls out in a day is crucial to understand whether you are facing a genuine issue. If it’s an excessive amount, it’s time to take serious care of your hair using products developed and tested by experts who devise innovative and customized treatments.

The CRLAB team, made up of biotechnologists, chemists and formulators who work together with internationally renowned surgeons and dermatologists, have designed hair care products that counteract hair loss and restore its volume. Thanks to the properties of numerous natural active ingredients, after three months of treatment the hair thickens, gaining 17 to 23% more volume.

With the CRLAB solution, you can achieve thick, shiny and soft hair. The company’s philosophy is to help people take care of their scalp — because only by having healthy skin can you grow healthy hair and get back to feeling comfortable on a daily basis.