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Male pattern baldness, bald shaming, and bullying: some thoughts

Hair loss is always a very delicate problem to deal with, on both psychological and social levels.

Those who have to deal with it are not always able to accept it or live in peace with it. Understandably, for many men, this is a far-reaching event that – in addition to changing their outward appearance – can also impact their emotional and relational sphere.

We have already spoken several times about the causes that lead to hair loss: trauma, periods of high stress, scars from surgery or accidents, and incorrect nutrition, for example, are just a few. Hereditary genes can also significantly increase the possibility having thinning hair and hair loss (a phenomenon, however, that manifests itself differently in men and women, as men are mainly affected in the frontal and vertex areas, while women experience progressive extensive thinning). Finally – and we talked about this in detail during Pink October – there is also such a thing as temporary alopecia, caused by particular cancer therapies.

Male pattern baldness and bullying

Today, however, we would like to shift the focus to male pattern baldness: a condition that can even start at a young age and that the outside world often treats with mockery and aversion, in some cases fuelling feelings of shame and discomfort.

Have you ever heard of Bald Shaming? It falls into the broader sphere of Body Shaming, an expression that literally means “mockery of the body”, by which is meant the act of making fun of someone and/or marginalising them because of something related to their physical appearance.

Bald Shaming is a form of bullying that manifests itself through repeated physical and/or psychological aggression towards people with alopecia or baldness. This kind of hair-based bullying has a predominantly male target and extends, of course, to the various solutions considered (prostheses, implants, trichopigmentation – a temporary hairline recovery procedure).

The scene of these micro-aggressions is the everyday: a giggle from friends, a whispered comment in the office, a playful pat on the hat worn to hide discomfort. We know how much the body image perception can be undermined by external comments: condemning any form of bullying is an act of civilisation.

The road to well-being

On the one hand, it is not difficult to note the existence of a double standard in the way society treats the subject of baldness: it is almost taken for granted that the woman must create a solution to preserve her image (which is by no means taken for granted!) and, on the other hand, it seems that the man must resign himself to his new condition, without indulging in vanity.

On the other hand, it should be emphasised that behind any major aesthetic change there is often a difficult psychological journey. That is why we believe that everyone should be free to choose their own path to well-being.

The CRLAB method

Our prosthetic system, which allows hair to be thickened without surgery, is an innovative, non-invasive, effective, and reliable technique. Through a guided, customised consultation, together with CRLAB it is possible to embark on a path that literally leads to new hair, by grafting a selection of natural (‘virgin’ i.e. never treated) hair onto a polymer base that acts as a second scalp. This is a safe procedure, the result of continuous research and innovation: a solution designed for those who wish to get some peace of mind in their everyday life.

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