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Hear true stories told by the people who’ve experienced hair loss firsthand. The women and men who have rediscovered who they are, finding peace of mind once more. All because of CRLAB hair loss solutions.


23 years old

3d hair prosthetic system

“My name is Rachel Yates I’m from Atlanta, Georgia I am an artist and I am a college student going to be an elementary school art teacher. I started to lose my hair in high school I got into a couple of abusive relationships and that’s when my hair really started to fall out. I tried a couple of things, I tried covering up with the way I would style it. It was hard for me when I lost my hair because my dad is a hairstylist so walking into the hair salon was pretty devastating. I heard about CNC see through my dad and it has completely changed my life, I have got my confidence back and I feel like a woman and I feel like I can really be my true self.”

“Entering the beauty salon had become devastating. Thanks to the CNC I feel can truly be myself.”

Hair loss solutions for you. CRLAB, specialists in the well-being of your hair and scalp.

1.Trichology scalp and hair care

To put the health back into your hair, you first need to nourish your scalp. Our trichology treatments care for your scalp and hair, using cutting-edge technologies with a full range of laboratory-tested products. All made with high quality raw materials.

2. CRLAB hair prosthetic system

The ultimate answer to your hair loss. Rediscover yourself, with naturally thick hair. A patented solution that integrates real hair into areas where you’re experiencing thinning or hair loss. A fully customized hair enhancement that will look totally natural on you. Plus, it’s so functional, it gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want to.

3. Hair transplant surgery

We work with the top hair transplant professionals, to find the best transplant method for you.