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Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, the number of Centers in Italy and the world is growing. New opportunities for those wanting to invest in the sales network

 Decades of experience, thousands of solved cases in Italy and abroad, state-of-the-art solutions and a never-ending search for the highest-quality raw materials: this is Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories today. Its success story – also in entrepreneurial terms – represents the basis for new challenges for the company. One of these is giving capable and forward-thinking businessmen the opportunity to open new centers in Italy and the rest of the World. The sales network of the company has grown exponentially over just a few years, not only because it guarantees a range of unique products and technologies, but also thanks to its empathetic approach towards customers. The company has therefore chosen to head in this direction, making its know-how available – in terms of research, management and design – to active and resourceful entrepreneurs. Each center can therefore count on training from a staff of professionals, appointed directly by the home office, that will follow the personnel in every step of commercial development. Moreover, this includes the supply of technical manuals, instructions on managing customer relations, assistance, supervision, and tool kits, in order to guarantee support and assistance for all the activities of the new center. Each new center will also be inserted in the business programs of National and local conventions. For all information on how to OPEN A NEW CRLAB CENTER, click on the link below and visit the section dedicated to Franchising.

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