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CRLAB Center opening in Melbourne

Today the “Carla Lawson Hair Extensions” was inaugurated, the new center brings Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories brand in the Australian continent.
The presence of a CRLAB center in Melbourne – one of the most important cities on the continent – is a new step forward in the internationalization of the brand which today is present in 23 countries around the world with over 120 centers. The interest of the two owners Carla and Stuart towards CRLAB products was born during a conference of the sector. Since a while they found an increasing number of cases of alopecia areata, partial but also total among their clients. The solutions they offered could not solve such severe problems. Not even the transplant surgery, in addition to being an invasive technique, could ensure a final result. According to Carla, the quality of the hair is the foundation of her sales philosophy: “My goal is to look everywhere for healthy hair on which the customer can rely and feel at ease. When I saw the CRL thickening system for the first time, I was impressed by how it had such high performance characteristics compared to the relatively low quality products currently available on the market – says Carla -. Initially I was very doubtful that it was in effect a prosthesis and I kept looking at it with a little suspicion. But when I had the opportunity to have the system in my hands, observe the real texture of the hair and touch the consistency of the product, I had no doubt about it: I finally found the ideal solution for my clients “. After an initial training phase, the two owners are ready to start working independently in the new center which will be an important reference point in the area.
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