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The CRL system, a precious support in cases of hair loss due to illness

 To succeed in “not giving a face to the illness” is difficult, but not impossible: when a disease leads to obvious changes in a person’s appearance it is not easy to maintain one’s identity and self-confidence.

However, solutions exist that allow people to experience this change in a more balanced and serene way. This was the subject of the workshop organized by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories on May 18th, at the Relais San Lorenzo in Bergamo, with participation from well-known speakers. The workshop gathered oncologists, dermatologists and psychologists to explain the value that a solution such as the CRL system has gained over time, as both a psychological and aesthetic support for those who lose their hair following specific illnesses, such as cancer. During the workshop, the results obtained throughout the years by the CRL system were presented, supported by direct testimony from those who lead their everyday lives with the CRL hair replacement system on their skin. It is a device that has also earned the Medical Device certification. For those who have discovered it, it has represented a solution allowing them to recover their self-esteem and to face daily life with serenity, thanks to the natural look and functionality of an end-result that does not limit one’s daily life or cause any change in relationships, both at work and in private.

The speakers’ table included: the Regional Council Member and Vice President of the Lombardy Region Health Commission, Angelo Capelli who, in opening the workshop, highlighted the necessity and importance of building a public health and wellness policy; the President of the IHRF, Fabio Rinaldi, who is also a Dermatologist specialized in Medical Trichology; the psychologist Sara Massarenti; and the CEO of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, Stefano Ospitali, who emphasized the value of the testimony from those who have tried the CRL System. The story of the female patient that was presented during the evening, concluded Ospitali, is truly a strong revelation concerning an extremely delicate issue. An issue that deserves to be shared and promoted in a distinguished context such as this one.

The presence of health institutions, a psychologist and an internationally renowned doctor, specialized in trichological dermatology, is a clear demonstration of the value of this system. We will work so that the whole CRL network is validated. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories wants the Bergamo workshop to be merely a starting point for a series of further thematic initiatives organized throughout Italy, with the goal of disseminating accurate information and providing answers to those who need help and psychological and aesthetic support during difficult periods of their life, such as an illness.

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