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The CRL system conquers the USA

 Genny Robinson, the American girl we mentioned a few weeks ago, who is fighting a long and brave battle against cancer, was finally able to wear her CRL prosthesis. The story began thanks to the generosity of the hair stylist Martino Cartier, who donates wigs to women who lose their hair due to cancer treatments, through his charity organization Friends Are By Your Side. However, Genny wanted to be able to enjoy her own hair again. To the extent that Martino Cartier wanted to ask the aesthetic surgeon Alan J. Bauman to assess the possibility of having Genny undergo hair transplant surgery. However, her physical condition still does not allow her to undergo such an invasive surgery, and this is how the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories CRL hair replacement System was identified as the best solution for her to find her confidence and femininity again, as she herself says in the article: “When they had me wear the prosthesis, I cried. I had hair again and, both looking at it and touching it, it felt like my real hair. You couldn’t tell at all what was my hair and what wasn’t.” On the long-awaited day, Stefano Ospitali wanted to deliver the new tailor-made prosthesis to her in person, and to participate in the process which led Genny to have a new head of hair that allows her to live her daily life more peacefully and face the future with greater confidence. Genny’s story is now making its way around the world and the high quality of the CRL hair replacement system has also been recognized among industry professionals. This article shares Genny’s story and her journey, the testimony of those who were by her side and the images of the day in which she wore her CRL prosthetic for the first time, with great joy.

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