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ADVICORP acquires Cesare Ragazzi

The plan for the international relaunch of the Italian brand and proprietary technology "Sistema CRL" is ready ADVICORP PLC, a British investment company operating at an international level, announces that it has finalized the acquisition of the CESARE RAGAZZI business unit from the North 2000 Cooperative. plan developed by Advicorp for the relaunch of the well-known brand operating in the trichology sector, the maintenance of a collaboration with the Cooperative Nord 2000 in the supply of services is envisaged. The company, which went through moments of great difficulty around 2008, currently has a turnover of around 6 million euros and the value of the acquisition operation was around 5 million euros. The founders of ADVICORP, Andrea Mandel-Mantello and Marco Elser, investors and entrepreneurs with an important international experience, have identified a unique competitive advantage with an important potential for growth and development still unexpressed also in international markets, responding to the traditional male demand, as well as the emerging and increasingly significant female demand. The CRL natural thickening system, patented by Cesare Ragazzi over 40 years ago, involves the manual creation of customized "epitheses" for each individual client, which integrate natural hair, taking into account the individual morphological characteristics. Compared to the self-transplant, which involves the redistribution of one's residual bulbs over a larger surface, the solution proposed by CESARE RAGAZZI, through the CRL method, is non-invasive and can be adopted in the face of different degrees of baldness.

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