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CARF New Orleans

CARF Conference in New Orleans: doctor Bauman and Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories present 3 cases of cicatricial alopecia resolved with the CRL Hair Replacement System.

The Cicatricial Alopecia Research Foundation (CARF) International Conference, held in June in New Orleans, counted among its esteemed speakers the renowned American surgeon Dr. Bauman, who presented some primary examples of cicatricial alopecia solved with the CRLab hair replacement system.

CARF is a foundation for doctors and for people afflicted with cicatricial alopecia that provides support and information and increases awareness among those who suffer from the disease. For this purpose, the foundation raises funds to finance new scientific research on the issue, given that, at the moment, therapies are still lacking and the various forms of cicatricial alopecia irreversibly destroy the hair follicle.

Through Dr. Bauman, CRLab had the chance to present attendees with three very serious, specific cases of cicatricial alopecia that were resolved with the CRL hair replacement system: frontal fibrosing, lichen planopilaris and central centrifugal cicatricial. The CRL hair prosthesis device is an advanced system in its technological characteristics and guarantees a therapeutic response suitable both from an aesthetic and from a functional point of view. Because of its reliability under extreme stress and the high precision of artisanal craftsmanship in its aesthetic output, the CRL prosthetic system is a true and natural hair replacement, with real hair and a convincing and definitive answer from a medical-specialist point of view. Its application has allowed for a long series of successes in the management of even the most extreme cases, such as those presented on this occasion.

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