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Cesare Ragazzi open in Guatemala

On September 26th, the only clinic that deals with baldness and complete solutions for hair loss inaugurated its new offices in the presence of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, thereby renewing the alliance and partnership with the most advanced facility in Central America.

The Schambach Hair Clinic is an example of the highest level of treatment and is the only one in all of Central America offering diagnosis and cutting-edge solutions for hair loss. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, which has collaborated for years with the clinic, participated in the inauguration of the new diagnostic offices with Stefano Ospitali and Angelo D’Andrea, directors of the company. The event sealed the friendship and collaboration between the Schambach Hair Clinic and its owner, Doctor Marie Andrée Schambach de Bouscayrol, who specializes in aesthetic medicine and is an active member of various hair replacement and transplant companies. “I think that the Schambach Hair Clinic and Cesare Ragazzi together represent the best solution for those who want solutions for hair loss, replacement, transplants and hair prosthetics, and in general, trichological treatments” commented Dr. Marie Andrée Schambach de Bouscayrol.

New trichological treatments specifically for hair loss, dandruff and grease, and cutting-edge instruments like the exclusively designed Tricotest, a software specialized in diagnosing hair through micro-cameras with a magnification of up to 500 times, are all designed in Italy. Cesare Ragazzi will also provide cutting-edge instruments like the Vapoozono, which, by mixing vapor and ozone, allows for deep cleansing of the scalp and, among others, the Tricopulse ETG, which emits an electrostatic current to improve oxygenation and blood circulation in hair follicles.

The Schambach Hair Clinic aims to become the largest treatment center in Latin America for all hair loss related pathologies. Currently, clinics are being opened in Bogotá, Columbia, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City, in addition to the doctors connected to the Schambach Hair Clinic in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Paraguay.

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