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Causes, effects, treatments and solutions. The experience of specialists in trichology, neurology and plastic surgery

Every hair problem has a solution. With this comforting introduction, the “Causes, effects, treatments and solutions” Conference was held in Gorla Maggiore on June 30th, 2016.
The objective of the meeting was to promote scientific awareness concerning a problem that afflicts the majority of the male population and a growing portion of the female population, at all ages. Focusing on the problem, looking at the causes and proposing suitable solutions means facing the issue with a pro-active approach aimed at resolution, definitively clearing the field of resignation, frustration and loss of self-esteem. Medicine can make a difference even if the response to drug treatment is not very effective. Instead, an approach aimed at prevention is worthwhile and the trichologist of the CR Lab, Insubria, recommended submitting to specific diagnostic tests to learn about the condition of your hair and to implement a series of solutions to preserve it. Stefano Ospitali, CEO of CR Lab, provided the definitive confirmation of the initial introduction: “Every hair problem has a solution, even the ones that are irreversible.” The CRL hair replacement system is the world’s most technologically advanced, non-invasive solution. It is a certified and patented system, rigorously tailor-made by hand with real hair. It is completely functional and allows patients to once again participate in sports, bathe in the sea, go to the hair salon, run their fingers through their hair and, finally, smile again when looking in the mirror.

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