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CRLabs in India for the first time, to share its patented CRL System.

It is the first time that CRLabs has flown to India to present its CRL hair replacement method; the only method recognized by the medical-scientific community capable of offering a definitive, non-invasive, and completely satisfying solution both from an aesthetic and from a functional point of view to patients afflicted by every type of hair loss. The invitation came from the Hairline International company, one of the most important medical clinics in Bangalore – southern India’s vast industrial hub. Hairline International has operating offices in Bangalore and is considered to be among the best clinics in India providing services and therapy for hair loss, hair transplants, solutions for patients undergoing chemotherapy and every medical and surgical support available in the trichology field. The office provides treatments for Indians and many foreign patients, mostly coming from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Europe, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Singapore, Nepal and Bangladesh.

CRLabs went to Bangalore to launch the formative collaboration with the medical and technical staff of the clinic, on the basis of protocols and working methods consolidated over time. The CRL system and the trichological products of CRLabs were chosen thanks to their high quality standards, the correspondent certifications, and the results they are able to provide. It is not a coincidence that the first contact with this advanced medical structure took place during international meetings on hair loss surgery and scientific research in the world of hair.

During the press conference held with Indian media and regarding the partnership, Stefano Ospitali, CEO OF CRLabs, spoke about the CRL system and stated: “Some patients are not ideal candidates for hair transplants. In these cases, the CRL system provides an ideal solution, tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual patient, sometimes by combining the two techniques”. The COO of CRLabs, Angelo D’Andrea, focused instead on the certifications of the production process, reminding attendants that “the CRL system uses biomedical materials that are subject to continuous quality control testing.” Ms. Bani Anand, founder and CEO of the Hairline International clinics, added: “the number of hair loss cases is increasing and in many of these, such as scarring hair loss and total hair loss, it becomes difficult to satisfy our patients exclusively with medical or surgical treatments. To be able to provide the best solution available on the market today, for every type of patient, is our priority. The CRL System by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories allows us to achieve this goal”.

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