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World famous plastic surgeon Alan Bauman in Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories to present the new frontier of trichology in the treatment of partial and total hair loss

On December 18th, a meeting was held at Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories with Alan Bauman – American plastic surgeon, hair loss surgery guru and pioneer in the field of laser therapy – to present to the press the latest in hair loss treatment. “Medicine has found itself at a dead end; the only hope is represented by stem cells but other solutions exist that do not give a face to the illness”. With these words of hope, during his meeting with the journalists, Alan Bauman wanted to highlight the latest in the medical field of hair loss, which is alas not a problem on its way to a quick solution. All the medical treatments used up until now, like corticosteroids or immunosuppressants, have not provided lasting results and the side effects on the body greatly exceed the benefits. At the same time, a new anti-rheumatic drug is now being tested in the United States. The drug neutralizes the inflammatory action of alopecia (hair loss), but the effects it could have on the kidneys, blood pressure and other organs are still unknown. Moreover, these are drugs that have prohibitive costs and require long-term dosages.

This is why the CRL hair replacement system by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories is being used for many patients in the Boca Raton, Florida clinic where the Bauman Medical Center Group is located, both for those who have total baldness and for those with partial hair loss, who therefore want to cover just the affected areas. The thickening system by Cesare Ragazzi is the world’s most advanced non-invasive, dermatologically-tested solution for returning to having real and natural hair. It is a way to have natural hair and to regain trust and self-esteem, enjoying a head of hair even when you are sick or undergoing treatment. For this reason, a Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories center will open in Bauman’s clinic, to satisfy the requests from customers suffering from permanent and temporary hair loss. The partnership is due to the fact that, in the United States, although medical and trichological research is advanced and the country can boast the highest level of technology, it is as yet not possible to find the high quality of the CRL hair replacement system on a local level. In America, no product exists with such an advanced level of production, entirely hand-crafted and tailor-made, and therefore created exclusively for the person who has to wear it. The same can be said about all scalp wounds due to accidents at work: no cure or transplant will allow the hair follicle to regrow, and so only a contact prosthesis has a chance of giving someone their identity back. While waiting for science to take its next steps – the treatment may come from stem cells – the CRL hair replacement system is the best solution, from every point of view, even in America.

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