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Meeting on hair loss at the University of Bologna: the guest is Dr. Alan Bauman, among the world’s leading experts in trichology

The oldest university in the world dedicated a day to the current state-of-the-art in hair loss treatments. An important symposium on hair health was held on December 21st in the main lecture hall of the dermatology department of the University of Bologna. People pay attention when talking about hair loss because the issue affects a wide cross section of people: the young, the old, men and, increasingly, women. In fact, men are afflicted with hair loss and as such are also more accustomed to searching for solutions while women face this problem with difficulty. Statistics show that hair loss, baldness and female pattern baldness are often due to grave illnesses or pharmaceutical treatments. For women, recovering a self-image is about more than just aesthetics; it is a profound value that affects the emotional well-being and psychological state of the person, and determines their self-esteem. During the day, Professor Paolo Morselli, a plastic surgeon, together with Professor Bianca Maria Piraccini, a dermatologist, both from the University of Bologna, had the honor of welcoming Dr. Alan Bauman, a top expert and researcher in the trichological field.

The event was an exceptional one, especially due to the presence of Alan Bauman, one of the most esteemed specialists in the world and among the best-known in America who, together with his team, has cured more than 17 thousand patients and achieved results that have earned him recognition from the international medical community. Bauman spoke about his choice to recommend the CRL hair replacement system by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories to many of his patients, both those who suffer from complete hair loss and those who have to cover some specific areas. “It is important – Bauman declared – that people who ask for our help, who suffer from hair loss or who are undergoing chemotherapy, do not “give a face to the illness”; meaning that they do not have to remember this period of their life as a time in which they didn’t like or recognize themselves. To be able to enjoy a full head of hair when you are sick or undergoing treatment is a way to regain trust and self-esteem. So, at the moment, the use of the CRL hair replacement system is the ideal solution”.

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