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Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories inaugurates

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories inaugurates its new facility in Zola Predosa, in the presence of authorities and representatives from the medical-scientific world.

The new production facility of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories was inaugurated on April 1st, 2014, in the presence of authorities, a standard practice for such relevant events. Thus, in addition to Stefano Fiorini, mayor of Zola Predosa, other important figures from the medical-scientific world attended the event held in via Benini, many of whom have worked in the operational sphere of the company, either by collaborating with the research laboratories of Italy’s most prestigious universities or thanks to the interest that the medical world has been showing for the CRL hair replacement system, exclusively patented by the company. Stefano Ospitali, CEO of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, and the COO Angelo D’Andrea welcomed the guests and, in particular, Andrea Mandel-Mantello, co-founder of Advicorp, the English investment company that acquired ownership of the company in 2011. The new facility extends over one thousand square meters and, in addition to the administrative offices, will host the production area equipped with high-tech machinery and robotic systems used exclusively for producing molds. As Stefano Ospitali proudly explained: “Each epithesis is unique and tailor-made on the basis of a detailed dermatological visit”. The highest level of scientific research, the participation of the best Italian universities, the most technologically advanced machinery, the craftsmanship of expert hands and materials of the highest quality standards represent the “genetic structure” behind each epitheses. Production follows rigid protocols and applies the highest standards to produce the CRL hair replacement system which has made the company famous: a method that continuously evolves in order to always ensure the highest level of success, demonstrated by over 15,000 applications across the world. Only Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories knows how to keep the promise of regaining the pleasure of natural hair, applied without any surgical intervention. Each epithesis is unique, tailor-made to size for the wearer, based on the mold produced by a sophisticated robotic system. 39 additional steps follow the initial mold, which is crafted rigorously by hand by specialized personnel. The inauguration enjoyed strong international representation from the medical-scientific world which, before the official event, participated in a round table dedicated to the approaches and most innovative techniques for the management of hair loss.

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