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Cesare Ragazzi Labs at the 22nd Annual ISHRS Convention, the most important meeting in the hair transplant and treatment field

Each year the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) invites its members and the entire scientific community to participate in the convention dedicated to the latest developments concerning hair thinning, baldness and other hair-related issues, and to discuss the latest news and new medical-scientific research on hair loss. Its 22nd Convention was held from October 8th to October 11th in Malaysia, in the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur, and was attended by doctors and field experts coming from all parts of the world, as always.

“A result of this level would not be possible without constant dedication from the ISHRS and its members, that work side by side to give doctors unrivaled training in a field that is constantly evolving, such as that of hair thickening treatment”, said Vincenzo Gambino, MD (Milan, Italy), President of the ISHRS. “Moreover, our commitment to training guarantees high quality treatment and advanced results for our patients.” Vincenzo Gambino is one of the world’s top spokesmen in the field of surgical hair autotransplants and the first non-Anglo-Saxon person to hold the office of President of one of the most important global institutions in the trichology field, such as the ISHRS. In a field where American dominance is prevalent, Vincenzo Gambino’s value allowed him to become President of the ISHRS and to represent Italy’s high professional standards and commitment to scientific research. The prestige of innovation and craftsmanship, typical of “Made in Italy” products, are also Italian values that Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories has carried forth in the most prestigious medical contexts for many years, thanks to its CRL hair replacement system.

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