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Cesare Ragazzi Labs in Tbilisi for the EHRS meeting.

In June, the 17th European Hair Research Society (EHRS) Convention, hosted by the Tbilisi State University, was held in the beautiful Georgian capital. The fact that the EHRS Meeting was held for the first time in an Eastern European country offered the opportunity to meet experts coming from all over the world, and in particular from this area. The meeting gathered biologists, dermatologists, experts in cosmetology and surgeons specialized in hair transplants for two days of meetings on the status of research on hair problems. On this occasion, scientific news was presented, experiences were shared, and new directions and the status of knowledge regarding hair problems, hair and scalp diseases and clinical treatments were discussed. Moreover, the biology of hair, diagnosis and therapy were addressed with the objective of increasing knowledge and the exchange of information. Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories had the opportunity to present two posters for the first time, prepared in collaboration with Professor Bianca Maria Piraccini from the University of Bologna, which clearly highlighted cases of those afflicted with frontal fibrosing hair loss resolved thanks to the CRL hair replacement system. The results of the efficiency test conducted by Professor Piraccini were also presented, with the outcome of the anti-loss protocol showing 100% satisfaction after only 3 months of application.

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