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The Twentieth Anniversary of S.I.TRI. Società Italiana di Tricologia (Italian Trichology Society) is held in Florence

On the occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of its establishment, the Italian Trichology Society (S.I.Tri) held an important meeting in Florence, attended by the most distinguished Italian and International Trichology experts. The two days focused on the status of current knowledge and medical and surgical perspectives regarding the discipline. The meeting was inaugurated by the eminent Andrea Marliani, who took the floor as the Chairman Emeritus and founder of the society and briefly summarized the progress achieved during these years by medicine and ongoing scientific studies, which the society greatly contributed to. The speakers’ table hosted important, high level figures such as Vincenzo Gambrino, world famous surgeon specialized in medical and surgical trichology, who first introduced American state-of-the-art techniques to Italy, and many experts from several foreign countries. These included Marwan Saifi, awarded by the S.I.Tri during the Meeting in Florence; trained in the United States and now working in the United Kingdom, Saifi spoke as a surgical expert. Among the names on the prestigious list of attendees was also Stefano Ospitali, CEO of CRLab, who presented the CRL hair replacement system as a therapeutic option, showing a series of solved clinical cases. The CRL method is often adopted abroad, in specialized centers for baldness and hair loss problems, because it is the most technologically advanced system offering a definitive solution where medicine and surgery are unable to help. The CRL system is non-invasive and rigorously tailor-made and offers an aesthetic and functional output of the highest level.

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