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“Beyond care” is the theme of the Conference on hair loss remedies organized by Cosmofarma

“Beyond care” is a new project, organized by the powerhouse Cosmofarma and presented in Bologna on April 15th – 17th, 2016 during the Cosmofarma Exhibition, the leading European event in Health Care and Beauty Care in the pharmacy industry. With “Beyond care”, Cosmofarma set itself the goal of encouraging industry professionals to prepare spaces dedicated to patients with severe pathologies, within the pharmaceutical industry. It offers prepared staff to support patients afflicted with problems which, due to their seriousness, may lead to debilitating and psychologically difficult treatments. The project aims to train pharmacists in becoming an irreplaceable professional and humane reference point in various diagnostic contexts that, during the Conference, were divided into 5 thematic sessions, each discussed with interventions by doctors, specialized pharmacists, companies with dedicated products and professionals, who presented their own personal experiences. Among the speakers was Stefano Ospitali, CEO of CRLab, who spoke about the CRL hair replacement system, a patented method and the most advanced solution in the world from a technological point of view. The CRL system allows patients to find peace in front of the mirror thanks to a non-invasive, completely tailor-made aesthetic solution. Often those who have to fight certain illnesses also face the social embarrassment of seeing themselves without hair, and in these cases the CRLab hair replacement method is a concrete answer and solution for them not to “lose their face to the illness”.

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