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Cesare Ragazzi in Las Vegas for the ISHRS 24TH World Congress

The 24th World Congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), one of the largest scientific meetings in the trichology field, was held in the fabulous setting of Las Vegas on September 28th. The ISHRS is a leading independent authority in the field of hair loss treatments and surgery. It is a non-profit medical association that includes 1,000 doctors specialized in trichology and offers ongoing training to trichologists specialized in hair transplants and surgical hair replacement. It also publishes the latest information on hair replacement techniques and non-surgical therapy for hair loss.

The Las Vegas meeting called on renowned experts from all over the world, who gathered to share their experience, knowledge, techniques and innovation in the field of hair loss, transplants and problems related to baldness in general. In this prestigious context, involving 700 participants from more than 77 countries, Stefano Ospitali, CEO, and Angelo D’Andrea, COO of Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories had the honor of presenting the exclusive and patented Cesare Ragazzi Lab CRL hair replacement system. The CRL hair prosthesis is the only non-invasive system offering definitive and rewarding results from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The hair implant is able to copy the scalp in a completely natural way, so that the only difference to the eye is the absence of blood flow. Stefano Ospitali, together with Dr. Alan Baumann, one of the most accredited surgeons specialized in trichology in America, demonstrated the treatment by using a camera that zooms more than 200 times into the scalp in a live special on the popular American network Fox 5. Even Ivory, an African-American girl afflicted by posterior alopecia and also by progressive frontal alopecia, volunteered to appear in front of the cameras for the live patient viewing: the informative poster, doctor and patient all went live – with an amazing smile and an enviable head of truly “natural” and “amazing” hair.

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