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CRLab with S.I.TRI. and Trico Italia at the workshop on trichology, addressing doctors, pharmacists and aesthetic professionals

On October 9th, the prestigious Vittoria Colonna Museum of Art in Pescara welcomed an important seminar dedicated to the treatment of Alopecia. The seminar focused on illustrating the clinical management and application of the most common research methods for identifying the morphological clinical aspects of the scalp related to the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the hair follicle, for diagnosis and therapeutic applications.

Doctor Gaetano Agostinacchio, dermatology specialist, President of the Italian Trichology Society (S.I.Tri.) and one of the leading international experts in the industry, introduced attendees to state-of-the-art techniques and medical-surgical treatments.

Along with Dr. Agostinacchio, other speakers presented the CRL hair replacement system and its manufacturing as a prosthetic system used as a therapeutic option. On this topic, Dr. Fabio Talamonti and Stefano Ospitali, CEO of CRLab, took the floor and presented some concrete examples of solved cases.

The meeting was held to provide doctors, pharmacists, aesthetic and industry professionals, as well as those interested in the topic, with basic information on the anatomy, physiology and instruments for diagnosing and treating baldness, hair thinning, hair loss, androgenetic alopecia and alopecia universalis, focusing on the progress, innovation and use of prosthetic systems in the trichological field.

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