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  1. Restructuring vial Restructuring vial
    Restructuring vial
    Gives nourishment and strength to the hair
  2. Milk spray Milk spray
    Milk spray
    Protection and nourishment
  3. Gel wax Gel wax
    Gel wax
    Wet effect
  4. Dry wax Dry wax
    Dry wax
  5. Nourishing & conditioning cream Nourishing & conditioning cream
    Nourishing & conditioning cream
    Gives strength, volume and radiance
  6. Biphasic fluid Biphasic fluid
    Out of Stock
    Biphasic fluid
    Protects and repairs the hair
  7. Nutritive Serum Nutritive Serum
    Nutritive Serum
    Restructuring against split ends
  8. Oil non oil Oil non oil
    Oil non oil
  9. Hair Gloss Hair Gloss
    Hair Gloss
    Brightness and softness
  10. Hygienizing Shampoo Hygienizing Shampoo
    Hygienizing Shampoo
    Sanitizing and antibacterial action
  11. Refreshing shampoo Refreshing shampoo
    Refreshing shampoo
    A pleasant burst of freshness
  12. Conditioning shampoo Conditioning shampoo
    Conditioning shampoo
    Cleansing and nourishing
  13. Mild Shampoo Mild Shampoo
    Out of Stock
    Mild Shampoo
    Deep cleansing and hydration
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